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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Expose Yourself, Part 2

expose yourself 2Continuing the trend I'm starting of people posting snapshots from inside their home, this is my next contribution. I'm cheating a little because this is actually not our house. It's a photo taken 4 months ago from the apartment we had in Raleigh, NC. But the story behind it is too cute to pass up.

Overview: Rodney works in an industry that requires flexible hours, and sometimes he has to work at night. When that happens, he doesn't get home until close to Midnight, and I stay at home with our baby girls (our 2 cats). We're so sad without our Rodney :(

When Rodney is on his way home, he calls me and Purr Purr (in the photo) knows it's him. She starts making this excited sound when the phone rings. Then she goes and sits by the door to wait patiently for him. This photo was taken one night while she was waiting at the door.

Couch: A bright red couch in our living room. We love it, and it's always the center of attention when we have guests. A contrasting lime green throw is on the top of it.

Artwork: I created a series of 3 different striped patterns in Adobe Illustrator, printed, matted, and framed them.

Tables: Distressed wood tables with grill-style trays underneath for storage. I bought Rodney the lamp from Kirkland's (he loves that store) and it's red with this glass texture like rock candy. There are also some Feng Shui items on the table, a striped bowl that matches the artwork, the phone, a Yankee Candle, and a flower arrangement by Rodney.

Okay, bloggers - your turn. Show me yours and I'll show you more of mine.

Posted by Nathan @ 7:03 PM


What a big kitty you have=> I love your red sofa =D

Commented by Blogger Dionysus, 11:31 AM  
Thanks Dionysus. And Purr Purr isn't anything in size compared to our other cat Prissy Magoo.

I always say if we had an intruder, Prissy could sit on him while Purr Purr smacked him around. And believe me, she would!.

And as a bonus to your post, I was also able to peek at the background of your bedroom. Why not post a photo and talk about it?

Commented by Blogger Nathan, 11:40 AM  
I am such a homo for saying this, but I looooooove the lamp! Wheee! Ahem...I mean cool.

I want to pat the kitty. I miss having a live pet.

Commented by Blogger Kirkkitsch, 12:55 PM  
Good to hear from you Kirkkitsch! Thanks for bringing a laugh to my afternoon.

Why not get a live pet of your own? I love Purr Purr. When I get home in a few hours, I know she is going to be there waiting at the door.

And then Prissy Magoo, our blob kitty, will finally get up and drag her furry butt to the door also :)

Commented by Blogger Nathan, 1:09 PM  

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