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Monday, August 29, 2005

DVD Review: The Ring Two

Last night, we watched "The Ring Two". It starts out with the obvious... that deadly video tape has made its way to a small town, and it's wreaking havoc on the young teens who pass it around. The survivor Rachel and her son from the first film just happen to live in this small town.

Rachel, played by Naomi Watts, finds the tape and burns it. Now she's went and pissed off that little girl from the well... what's her name, Smegma? Just kidding, but it's something with an "S".

Taking a completely pointless turn, Smegma gets inside the body of Rachel's son and possesses him. Now Rachel's son is running around killing people, and Rachel has to find a way to get the demon out of her son.

So Rachel makes a random visit to the scene of the crime, where that video tape was filmed. Then she hunts down some nuns in a Catholic convent, which leads her to Smegma's birth mother (played by Sissy Spacek), who is of course locked up in an institution.

Okay that's all I can say. I've already summarized the first 90 mins of the film. If I say anymore, I'll ruin the ridiculous ending where Rachel drowns her son/Smegma in the tub, then goes to the well and closes the lid so Smegma can never get out again.

Oops, damn... I said it all. That's the movie. Rachel went to the well to close the lid, which she should have done in the first movie. The End.... or is it?

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