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Monday, August 29, 2005

Windows Woes

I just checked out my blog on Windows using Internet Explorer, and the new "Exposed 2.0" design looked awful on it. If you're using Windows and/or Internet Explorer, you probably weren't able to read my blog over the weekend. But I have adjusted the code to be functional on IE now.

So I'm kind of embarrassed, because I hate to put out bad code. As much as I hate Internet Explorer, I do want my work to look good on every platform. So that part of it does suck.

On the other hand, I can't pass up the opportunity to bitch at Microsoft a little. The coding on my blog looked fine on every other major browser. Alternate browsers are built around today's code standards and are intelligent enough to decipher my CSS code and properly display my blog.

Your product (Internet Exlorer), on the other hand, constantly fucks up good code. It's always in the headlines for new vulnerabilities. I really feel it's completely worthless. And that's exactly why your market share is dropping every month. More and more people are realizing better browsers are out there. And they are making the switch.

So, again, if you visited my site using IE this past weekend, I'm sorry that it didn't display properly. But on the other hand, you really should consider switching to Firefox. It's a great browser, free to download and better than any other browser that exists today. Better yet, buy a Mac.

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