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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Attention Google BlogSearch and MSN Search...

Dear Search Engine Spiders:

You visited my blog every single day and indexed my content immediately (and obsessively). I loved you so much, we had a great 2 month affair.

Then I moved to my new domain name for Nathan Exposed I thought you would understand it was all for the best. I thought you would see that it gave me the opportunity to write a lot more content and the chance to organize it better with categories.

I left a note here for you, and I'm sure that you've seen it because you indexed it. I gave you an open invitation to come to my new home. But you haven't, and I miss you :(

Where, oh where, are you Google and MSN? Don't you see how happy we can be? Jus think about all the fun content you're missing about the gay community, my sick sense of humor, music I love such as Madonna and Mariah Carey, comedians like Ellen Degeneres and Kathy Griffin. There is also plenty of great President Bush bashing.

Once again, my new blog is at Nathan Exposed

Drop by soon, you'll be glad you came ;) I'll make it good for you.


Yes, I know spiders don't have feelings. But this is what I'd say if they did.

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