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Friday, August 05, 2005


I have to confess I can't stop thinking about the new reality TV show "Being Bobby Brown" on Bravo.

First of all, if you don't know what it is -- basically it's cameras following around Whitney Houston in her daily displays of madness & confusion. I don't care if the show is supposed to be about Bobby, you know damn well it's about Whitney.

It's difficult to watch 2 mins. of the show without thinking "this is ridiculous, why I am I watching this?". It really is crazy. But there is always this day-after effect that I get. I start hearing Whitney in my head yelling "Bobby! Bobby!". She does it all the time. She stumbles around, strung out on drugs, and is always searching for Bobby...who is usually drunk in some corner, mumbling to the camera about how much he loves his wife and kids.

My favorite example is when they were in London shopping, and she was just walking around in the mall saying "Bobby! Bobby?" and she'd just ask random people "Have you seen my husband?".

Then there are the random references to "The Bodyguard", which came out 13 years ago! Whitney will sing part of "I'm Every Woman" or Bobby will say that Whitney looks like she did in the movie. C''s been 13 years! I guess her fans aren't the only ones who think Whitney was better in the 90's.

And the final thing I love is when Whitney will stop what she's been doing, and say "Whew." Like she's exhausted from walking up some steps, and she just has to say "Whew" in that singing it's part of a song, and she'll tilt her head and say it. And she also throws in this crazy fake laugh sometimes. It's very thick, I don't know where it comes from, but it doesn't even sound like her.

So I hate this show, but have to confess I love some of the crazy things that stick with me afterward.

"Bobby!! Bobby... Where is my husband?...crazy laugh...Whew...."

Posted by Nathan @ 7:52 AM


I watched the show once. It was pathetic watching Whitney. She has become a washed up shell of herself.

Commented by Blogger Pookie65, 8:09 AM  

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