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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Let's Talk About: Bush

Now that we've lived in Nashville nearly a month, I want to point out the one thing that drives me crazy every single day - Bush bumper stickers.

Aside from my obvious hatred for Bush as a homophobe, there are countless other wrongs Bush has done in office that I can't imagine these people have overlooked.

It is a "free" country (unless you're gay, in which the basic rights of marriage are segregated), so obviously these people have the right to put whatever they want on their bumper. But come on, open your eyes people.

Should I mention the fact that thousands of innocent human beings are being killed overseas every day, for no reason at all? Did we overlook the announcement that there are no weapons of mass destruction? Does anybody remember that Saddam is out of power, and therefore does not pose a threat? How about the fact that Bin Laden, who coordinated Sept. 11th anyway, is rarely ever mentioned anymore? (By the way, check out the FACTS in Fahrenheit 9/11 and you'll know why Bush will never harm the Bin Laden family).

Maybe the loss of thousands of innocent souls isn't enough to make Bush supporters question their leader. Fine. Then how about the overall actions, personality, and presence of George W. Bush? Is that not enough to turn you away?

Hmmm... I asked my Mother her feelings about Bush. My Mother is a wonderful woman, and I value her opinion. I don't always agree with it, considering she is a very conservative Catholic. Nonetheless, I do respect her. She's been on this earth much longer than I have, so perhaps she had some pearls of wisdom.

Her reason for supporting Bush was because he was Anti-Abortion. REALLY???!!! That's all? I expected so much more.

Now I'm against abortion too. I don't believe in murdering helpless babies. But I'm not going to harp on that topic because I honestly cannot stop a woman from having an abortion. No matter what a president says, it cannot be stopped.

So this one topic, which can't even really be regulated, is the reason my Mother supports Bush? Wow. Unbelievable. So is that one of the big reasons a lot of these people have Bush bumper stickers? Unbelievable!

He might not support killing American babies in their wombs, but he sure as hell supports killing thousands of innocent soldiers, civilians, men, women, and children in other countries. Open up your eyes people!

This man is being probed by all kinds of departments and groups. I am surprised he hasn't been kicked out of office yet. How can people not see what Bush is doing to this world? Not only is he ruining the United States of America, he has spread his carnage all over the world. How can one administration have that much power? If I removed the name Bush, you probably would think I was speaking about terrorists, wouldn't you?

A-HA! I've got you there. If I name all the terrible things Bush has done, you might think I'm talking about a terrorist group or psychotic leader of another country. But nope, I'm talking about none other than George W. Bush. And you've got his name all over your cars.

I know, I know... this ranting post is just one out of millions that are probably already on the web. So I'm just making my contribution, because I just can't believe how many people blindly support this monster despite all the things he has done.

And I'm sure more rants will follow.

Posted by Nathan @ 9:36 AM


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