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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Always something there...

... to bring me down.

It is my general nature to always be bitching about something, because something always seems to be wrong in life. I try to be an optimist, and most people who know me describe me as a very friendly, upbeat person. But that doesn't change the fact that a lot of shit is always going on behind the scenes.

There is always some insane bill that surprises us. For example, I found out today that there are $262 worth of lab fees for a doctor visit in March that I now have to pay. I just got the bill now...5 months later. All I wanted was my cholesterol reading, but the doctor ordered all these other expensive tests, and now the lab is saying it is my responsibility to deal with the problem. To get the charges removed, the doctor will have to admit he ordered them without my consent. YEAH RIGHT! My doctor turned out to be an asshole, there's no way he will admit being wrong.

And we're always over our heads in debt thanks to unplanned expenses like these. No wonder we can't pay off our debt. It never goes away.

That's just a small example, there is always something like this going on. I spend so much of my time trying to work out billing issues...does anybody in this world understand how to charge people correctly?

This week has been especially stressful...more than usual.

The bright side

This is taking a really big leap of faith, but most of my problems do get resolved. It requires countless hours on the phone and writing complaint letters. It also requires weeks, even months of waiting, and endless amounts of patience (which I was not born with!).

God, please be with me. I just wish my life could be steady for awhile. And poor Rodney gets sucked into all these problems too. My problems become his, and we work on them as a team...but really I just wish things could be calm for awhile.

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u r so cute! i love yr blog! mk xxoo (

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