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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Exposure Down Under

These homos in Australia have really caught on to my post about "exposing" themselves :)

Yesterday, Sunshine posted photos of his ultra-modern home with a great narrative tour. And Kerri posted photos of her refrigerator, complete with dirty words hidden in the magnets.

The concept is simple: take a photo of something in your home and post it on your blog with details about the items in the photo. You can learn a lot about someone just by seeing their home.

Try it on your blog, and let me know when it's posted.

Posted by Nathan @ 3:12 PM


I think I'm going to do that today. But first I will do one of my desk at work. That too should say about you, at least the person you are at work. Great idea. And you should be able to see the post now. I'm going to take the picture and post it after I finish typing this.

Commented by Blogger Jaisn Hart, 3:38 PM  
Hiya Nathan check out my blog - I've blogged a photo of my desk at work. :)

Commented by Blogger Miss Kerri, 9:28 PM  

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