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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Blogs I'm Reading

The blogs listed on the left-hand side of my site are ones I actually do read on a daily basis and I know most of the authors personally. They aren't a link exchange.

The hard part is removing them if I stop reading them. I want to be honest on my blog, and if I decide to stop reading a blog, I can no longer say it's a "blog I'm reading" because it wouldn't be true.

Today I removed a link to a really nice guy that I like talking to, and I feel kind of bad about it. The problem is that his blog just became too heavy for me. I think he's a smart guy who will understand where I'm coming from.

I also removed a funny, lighthearted blog last week. He was also a really nice guy. My only problem is that he added this bright background with white text over it, which makes it impossible to read. It's even worse in the RSS feed because it's white text on a white background. Since I can no longer read it, I had to remove the link.

So I wanted to let it be known that the "Blogs I'm Reading" section will change on a regular basis. If I stop reading your blog, the link is coming down. But don't take it to heart.

Posted by Nathan @ 3:10 PM


I think blogroll lists are just a sampling of the type of blogs the blog author likes to read anyway. I don't change my blogroll often (unless the link goes dead) and some blogs I read regularly are not even included on my bloglist. I just follow them through links from other blogs that I read. Your blog is one of these - through purpletwinkie. :)

Commented by Blogger Keith, 6:46 PM  
tick tock tick tock tick...oh days are numbered! hehehe

Commented by Blogger purpletwinkie, 11:15 PM  
I think you put that into a good perspective, Keith. Thanks

Twinkie - I doubt that :)

Commented by Blogger Nathan, 7:09 AM  
What happened to the cock hunting one. I alwys cliked through your site to read it. I dont want my roomates to find it bokkmarked.

Commented by Anonymous Lars, 6:54 PM  
Lars - You must be looking for Alex's blog. It's at

Commented by Blogger Nathan, 7:26 PM  

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