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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Summer Nights

Aw, the end of summer is nearing. I can just feel it. Maybe it's the fact that temperatures are finally somewhat tolerable. Or maybe it's because when I go to a store, I see displays for Back-to-School, Halloween, and Christmas all at one time (bitches!).

It's been nice. I started out the summer in a completely different city. So much has changed, but I'm glad. I like to go walking at night and think about my life, the world around me, and other deep topics. In Raleigh I walked around this gorgeous, authentic "neighborhood". It wasn't one of those cookie cutter ones that are all too common now.

Now, in Nashville, I do the same thing at night. Even though I live in South Nashville, in a residential area with very steep, winding hills, I found this amazing spot up the street. If I walk there, I can see the entire skyline of the city. Downtown Nashville is well over 20 minutes away, but all I have to do is go outside and I'm there.

And airplanes pass over our house constantly. If you ever fly to Nashville, just know that you're stopping by our house on the way. My Dad loves planes, he is always fascinated with them. So when I see or hear a plane, I think of him.

I'll continue to enjoy the summer nights as long as I can. It's went by too fast, but that's how life is.

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