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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Tag this

This morning, I discovered that I've been "tagged" on Matt's blog, and of course I was curious to find out what that meant. Remember, I'm new to the blogs.

Matt was asked to list 10 songs he likes, and also 5 blogs that haven't been tagged yet. My blog was one of them :)

So now I am to list 10 songs I'm listening to and 5 blogs. Okay, in no particular order...

01. Jim Verraros "So Deep"
02. Mariah Carey "We Belong Together"
03. Keith Urban "Days Go By"
04. Rob Thomas "All That I Am"
05. Darren Hayes "Darkness"
06. Sugarland "Baby Girl"
07. Kelly Clarkson "Hear Me"
08. Michael Buble "Feelin' Good"
09. Natasha Bedingfield "These Words"
10. Papa Roach "Scars"

As for 5 blogs, I don't visit very many. Who should I tag? I'm no fun, guys. But thanks for the link Matt.

Posted by Nathan @ 6:25 AM


Didn't know what tagging was either. Thanks for sharing.

Commented by Blogger Damian McNicholl, 11:44 AM  
I like your blog. Check out mine, maybe you'll want to tag it.

Commented by Blogger Alex, 1:28 PM  

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