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Friday, August 19, 2005

Dirty Dicks - The Sequel

ATTENTION GAY GUYS - Do you wipe your dick after you pee?

Last Sunday, I posted an entry about how I find it annoying when gay-themed movies have a scene in the bathroom, and the guy doesn't wipe his dick or wash his hands.

The point of my rant was that it isn't a realistic depiction of gay men. I've asked just about every gay guy I know, and they all wipe their dicks.

But these 2 breeders I work with insist that there is no reason to wipe. And they also pointed out that urinals don't have toilet paper. Urinals were probably designed by dirty dicked breeders, so those don't count. Urinals are gross, backsplash is a bitch.

Anyway... they are your dicks, do what you want with them. But I think this is a HILARIOUS debate and I want to ask the gay guys who read this.

So comment below (no breeders).

Posted by Nathan @ 12:27 PM


I can post because I am gay.

I agree with Jackson that this is silly, he would speak for himself, but he is currently being discriminated against.

Commented by Anonymous Cory, 12:58 PM  
Splashback? How the fuck you do you pee, rumpranger? Do you get a running start or an inline pump or something? Jesus.

Pee at an angle, use the physics. Having this thing attached to you for years should give you some idea of how to use it.

Proper operation of a penis allows you to evacuate fluid without drenching yourself and those around you. Or perhaps you are into that...

Commented by Anonymous Cory, 12:58 PM  
I'm in love with matt. I want his lovely, hairless nuts.

Commented by Anonymous Jackson, 12:58 PM  
You're not gay, Cory.

Focus on your tuna and leave us rumprangers alone.

Commented by Blogger Nathan, 1:04 PM  

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