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Friday, August 12, 2005

Nashville & Keith Urban

Keith UrbanA new note to mention that I really like Keith Urban's CD, "Be Here". Okay, so I live in Nashville now... it was only a matter of time before I started talking about country music. On the contrary, a lot of people here HATE country music. They are anti-country, especially since they live in Nashville and are stereotyped to automatically love it.

To be honest, many of the people I meet are not hardcore country people. They don't wear cowboy hats and are very down to earth people (though way too conservative). And there are a lot of liberal, free thinking people too. They love to stand out with their opinions & unique personalities.

We are the smaller version of Hollywood. We do have a lot of people in the music industry, and hundreds more who are trying to make it. It's pretty exciting.

Okay I'm way off the subject. Anyway I do really like Keith Urban's CD, and he seems like the type of guy you could just sit and talk to if you saw him around town. Who knows...maybe I will see him someday. He lives here, of course.

And I always like to know a person's astrology see if we share some of the same traits. He's a Scorpio, and I understand where he is coming from in his words. Maybe it's just because he is a great writer and knows how to connect with people, and has nothing to do with his birthday. Whatever the case, it's good music

Oh... and once I read that he doesn't wear underwear. That's really hot, yet kind of gross, all at the same time :)

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I think he is hot too

Commented by Blogger Ethan, 11:45 PM  
No underwear? That's hot.

Commented by Blogger Kevin, 12:03 PM  

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