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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Happy Anniversary, Breeders

In honor of my blog's 1 month anniversary, I'm posting this photo in tribute to the 2 dirty dicked breeders who inspired me to start it. If it weren't for you, I probably never would have blogged. Thanks guys.


Posted by Nathan @ 7:35 PM


Remember that movie Kids? It had that guy Tullie (sp?) who went around fucking virgins. That is kinda like my role in blogosphere. Only I don't infect blog virgins with an incurable illness and the blog virgins don't have nice tits like the girls Tullie fucked.

No, thank you Nathan for giving me a place to all of the sudden express such vulgarities on the internet. I knew you would enjoy it once you got started.

In all seriousness, you deserve alot of credit for jumping out there. Keep it up.

Commented by Anonymous Jackson, 8:10 PM  
Thanks, Tullie :) I couldn't have said it any more eloquently.

Your vulgarities are always welcome here, Jackson.

Commented by Blogger Nathan, 6:55 AM  
Congrats on your one month anniversary! Keep it up, man.

Commented by Blogger Alex, 11:22 AM  
Thank you Alex. I suppose you're nearing your first month, too, aren't you?

Commented by Blogger Nathan, 2:14 PM  

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