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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Naked Nashville - my first time

I have a funny story about my first time in Nashville.

It was Sunday morning, the week of Christmas, 2004. Rodney and I stayed here to look for homes before visiting our family. We had went to a famous Nashville location, which was directly across the street from our hotel.

We were leaving this place and walking back towards the hotel. We had a great view of the front of the hotel, so we stopped to take a picture. After taking the picture, I looked up and noticed a man on the 4th floor standing in the window of the hotel, completely naked and talking on his cell phone. There was no glare on the window, it was very clear that this man had no clothes on and he was facing us.

I stopped and said "Rodney, look at that naked man!". He didn't believe me until he focused his eyes on the windows and found the guy's room. We just stood there staring like a bunch of tourists, and this guy must have seen us. He had to know that he was flashing the whole street.

You've heard the phrase "take a picture, it will last longer". Well, I did. I took a picture of the naked guy in the window, and still get a good laugh out of it! I actually have 2 pictures. When I took the full view of the hotel, the guy can be seen in that picture. And he can be seen again in the closer view I took.

Out of respect for the man, the hotel, and the famous location, I can't post the photo. But I had to tell the story, because it was hilarious in person.

You know, I'm just a small town guy, I haven't been to many cities, and I've never seen a naked guy just dangling his business in the window. This was my introduction to the city of Nashville :)

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