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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Annoying Gay Movie Trend #69: Dirty Dicks

Ok, let's just get this out on the table. I'm sure SOMEONE somewhere has noticed this gross trend. I've noticed it in some of the most popular gay movies and it has to stop!

Here's the scene: a guy goes to the bathroom to pee, he doesn't wipe his dick, and he doesn't wash his hands (you know who you are!). I realize a lot of guys pee and don't wipe, but why? Women wipe after they pee, what makes you so special that you don't have to wipe?

Do you have a self cleaning cock? Huh? I think not. So now you're putting your dick back in your drawers with pee still on it. Yuck.

Now I find that many gay guys are aware of this. You've sucked dick, and you know you don't want dirty dick, right? So when you pee, you wipe out of consideration (plus it's just dirty to NOT wipe).

The bathroom scenes are always uncomfortable anyway. The dialogue and sound effects always make me cringe. If you're going to film a man pee, PLEASE have him clean up. If he were really gay, he probably would have.

Moving on... they don't wash their hands. Again, this is a bad trait that a lot of men have. But as a general rule, gay guys are better about washing their hands.

So why do the guys pee, and not wash? Then they walk out of the bathroom, and everything they touch makes me think "he's spreading his piss & dick germs".

Naming names (of course I'm going to call you out on it):

Eating Out - Loved the movie, hated the bathroom scene. It had no point at all. Technically, the character was straight posing as gay, but still, can't he be more considerate? Just minutes later, he was eating dinner at the table (dirty hands). And then hours later, he was about to get it on with this girl. I hope she didn't do oral, because he was dirrrty.

Angles in America - Another great movie. After this guy's "first time", he randomly hopped out of bed and peed, with the door open. No wiping, no cleaning hands, then he had breakfast. Why?

Trick - Dear, sweet Trick. One of the first gay movies of the 21st century. Why did the two lead guys have to pee together at the end? It had no point. And again, no wipe, no clean hands.

Okay, that's the end of this edition of Annoying Gay Movie Trends. Guys, I do realize these people are just pretending to pee. But if you're going to make us sit through the uncomfortable bathroom scenes, please clean up better, k?

If you have any Annoying Gay Movie Trends, please feel free to add them to the Comments. I want to know what movie moments make you cringe every time!

Posted by Nathan @ 4:50 PM


I totally agree with you on that one. I just recently saw Eating Out among other movies. Wash your hands you fuckers. I wash mine religiously, even after I blow my nose. Especially after I touch money. I might be a hypochondriac with OCD, but I prefer to be as germ free as possible. Good post, good topic!

Commented by Blogger that matt guy, 7:53 PM  
yr new header rocks! very sexy! and hip!

Commented by Blogger mk, 9:30 PM  
Ok, bullshit. If you are supposed to wipe your dick after you piss than why the hell isn't there toilet paper next to urinals?

Problem solved. No need to wipe after you piss.

Note: I guess I don't have as big a stake in the argument, but I thought I would share my observation

Commented by Anonymous Jackson, 11:24 AM  
I second the lack of motion, Mr Miller.

Commented by Anonymous Cory, 11:27 AM  
Oh, by the way, that first guy replied is a fag.

Commented by Anonymous Cory, 11:28 AM  

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