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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What's In Your $p@m Folder?

I've had the same web-based e-mail address for 8 years now, and I am certain we will never part. Too bad I get so much damn spam, which will never go away since I will never close the account. But I stopped giving out my e-mail years ago, so hopefully it will never increase.

Here are some of today's subject line highlights:

- Get a Sony VAIO Laptop on us!
- A martini without the right glass just isn't the same.
- Vote now on XXX Prize! See the Winning Porn!
- Purchase voltmeters online (huh?).
- This 6.3 Megapixel Dig Cam could be yours!
- èñïîëíåíèå æåëàíèé (I get a lot of these...who would open that?)
- Re: Pxharmaceutical It Works Amaz ing

At least the Viagra offers stopped.

Posted by Nathan @ 9:48 AM


Computer, porn, martini - you're all set. :P

Commented by Blogger Sunshine, 4:08 AM  

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