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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The nightmare is over...

This summer started out pretty rough, and it's seemed to be a downhill thing ever since.

At the end of May, my Dad's doctor discovered that Dad's heart was extremely blocked, and predicted my Dad would have a massive heart attack and probably pass away within 4 weeks.

4 you have any idea how short that is?

Just to imagine not having my Dad in my life is unbearable. This was when we still lived in North Carolina. So the first week of June, my Dad was taken in to have triple bypass surgery. It was too scary to even imagine my Dad being operated on. Rodney and I rushed home on a plane to be there. Seeing Dad wheeled off to surgery brought us all to tears.

With a lot of prayer, a lot of faith, and a lot of support, Dad made it through the surgery. This was very traumatic.

The day after his surgery, when we were on the way to the hospital to see him, a bitch ran a red light and smashed up our rental car. On top of all the emotional stress, we had this. And I was injured, so I felt like shit.

We were scheduled to move to Tennessee 2 weeks later, so we spent time with the family, then had to fly back to NC, pack up our home, finish out our careers there, and move everything to Nashville. June was very rough, but thankfully we all made it out alive.

Everything took a turn for the worse with our insurance. Even though the original investigation clearly found that girl who hit us at fault, all the facts were ignored on and State Farm claimed we were at fault for the wreck. So we spent the remainder of the summer fighting that.

I shouldn't have taken it so personally, but I did. I felt personally offended that this bitch put us through hell in the wreck, then we were taking the fall for it. Unbelievable.

So I spent way too many days and nights feeling pissed about that, and fought with everything we could.

But for the first time in a loooong time, I am starting to feel peace. We have found new insurance who is willing to ignore the wreck because of the facts and the police report. So even though the "at fault" won't be erased for 3 years from records, at least we can pretend they were. We have exhausted every outlet, and it looks like there is no chance our current insurance will take our side. So our only choice is to drop the bastards and start with a new set of coverage.

But today, poor Rodney... He was basically in a wreck. He was driving to work on the interstate, and this huge piece of metal flew out of a truck, hit the car, knocked off 2 rims, and roughed up the bottom of the car. We don't know if any damage was done under the car, but the rims are gone now. The scratches aren't too bad, and thankfully God was with Rodney to keep him from being hurt.

So it seems the bad news continued. But I am really making an effort to bring optimism into our lives. We've had a shitty run. My Dad is healthy and recovering, so that's good news. We are dropping the insurance that has irritated us all summer. I think I have found an alternate route for Rodney to get to work, so maybe he can avoid all the dangerous shit on Nashville's intersate system by taking some backroads instead.

I really feel like the nightmare is finally going to leave us alone. I am ready to stop being angry all the time. I am ready to rest easier and enjoy myself.

It felt good to get that all out. It has been so long since I really opened up on my blog. I'm looking for better days to come.

Posted by Nathan @ 9:19 PM


Wow Nathan. I'm sorry for all of that. I'm glad you got it off your chest though. The blog is a good place to do that sometimes and through the kindness of online semi-strangers, we find support in the most amazing ways. There is good out there. Thanks for opening up and remember you are not alone.

Commented by Blogger purpletwinkie, 11:43 PM  
Oh man, my heart goes out to you. Look at it this way, things can't possibly get any worse so it's only gonna be uphill from here.

Sending you positive energies right now....

Commented by Blogger Sunshine, 1:57 AM  
Wow, thanks guys. I didn't expect anyone to read that long-ass post, I was just venting. But I'm flattered that you guys did.

Yeah Scott, there is an amazing amount of kindness online that I never expected. I've been fortunate to not have any hateful people on my blog (yet) so I'm happy about that. BTW - you changed your pic again. That's a great photo!

Sunshine - thanks for the positive energies from down under :)

Commented by Anonymous Nathan, 7:14 AM  
It may not be too much help, but I always say things have to get worse before they can get better. I try to live by that. And once I've hit the bottom, I know the only way to go now, is up.

Commented by Blogger Jaisn Hart, 11:54 AM  
Thanks Gregg :)

Well true as it may be, it's easier said that done. Nevertheless, I think things will be better

Commented by Anonymous Nathan, 1:39 PM  
You're an inspiration. I need to learn how to look on the bright side more often.

Commented by Blogger Vince, 5:13 PM  
Thank you so much Vince. What a sweet thing to say. Well I'm glad to have offered some inspiration.

Yeah, I know what you mean, it is very hard to look on the bright side. I rarely do it, actually.

I can tell other people to do it all day long. But when it comes to following my own advice, it's harder.

Commented by Blogger Nathan, 8:09 PM  
Hi Nathan , I know things must have been hard but they will only get better now. My dad had a bypass too a few years back and it was very scary , but it really is true when they say they get a new lease on life after the surgery.

Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way.Keep coming back ok ?

Commented by Blogger Rat, 10:26 PM  

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