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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The nightmare, part 2

Last week, I was feeling all confident, and I wrote a post proudly announcing that all our personal problems were going to be over, and everything was going to be okay. What a perfect time for reality to slap us in the face.

On Friday morning, Rodney's Dad had a very serious heart attack. His Dad was with his employer outside, and he fell over flat on his face without warning. He was barely alive, his heart was only doing 4 beats per minute. He was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and in very critical condition.

Rodney called me at work, I rushed home, we packed up some stuff and headed over to Illinois. During the 3.5 hour trip, so many thoughts went through our heads. There was plenty of time to cry and think about all the bad things.

When we got there, his Dad just didn't look good. He could not breathe on his own, they had put him on life support. He was not conscious at all, and there was 90% blockage around his heart. They put a stent in behind his heart to open up the flow.

He had multiple heart attacks 2 years ago, and the doctor told him then he would probably only have 2 good years left. Ironically, the 2 year anniversary was just one day before this happened. So we wondered -- was his time up? Was this the end?

Skipping ahead, on Saturday his Dad woke up and eventually could breathe on his own. He started talking, but he was very disoriented. He continued to be extremely disoriented through Sunday. He remembered certain facts, but everything related to the hospital, the heart attack, etc.. he would forget. We were all very concerned about brain damage due to the lack of flow to his head during the heart attack.

Yesterday, his memory showed quite an improvement. So we're getting optimistic that he will recover. But there are still a lot of questions that will only be answered with time.

We still don't know what the future will hold. He remains in the Intensive Care unit, we are just praying that he continues to get better.

These things are very scary. I can't stand the thought of either one of us losing a parent. I know that day will come, and it's going to be very sad. One day at a time, I guess. We have to enjoy what time we have.

Posted by Nathan @ 7:28 AM


I'm very sorry to hear that. You must be traumatised. :( But I think you're right - one day at a time and seize every opportunity to be happy.

Commented by Blogger Sunshine, 3:25 PM  

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