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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What are you searching for?

It's always a trip to see what people are searching for when they end up on your blog. I'm going to post a few recent examples of how people found my blog:

Using Google Blog Search: searched for "cute girls snapshots flickr" (bet they were disappointed!)

Using MSN: searched for "toilet paper/urinals"

Between the "cute girls" and the "toilet paper" I think the search engines have got me all wrong. You will *never* see any cute girls on this blog. As for toilet paper... well, I still believe guys who don't wipe after they pee are Dirty Dicked Breeders.

Posted by Nathan @ 8:06 AM


That is hilarious - hmm, I'd better check mine!!! :)

Commented by Blogger Sunshine, 3:21 PM  

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