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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Blog Addict

I think Blogging is like any other addiction or obession. I started in July every couple of days and by the end of August I was doing in on a daily basis. By September, I was sometimes posting multiple times in a day.

I reached a point where I was always thinking about it, and always looking for new information on other blogs too. I would come home from work and jump on the computer instead of eating dinner. Then I'd hang out on blogs until late at night, not get much sleep, then start again the next day. Pretty unhealthy.

But my friend Jackson told me I'd get over it, and he was right. I think I'm finally finding balance. Hmm... this was going to be a somewhat tongue in cheek post, comparing blogging to drugs. But the humor has passed. Oh well, at least I got it off my chest. Time for bed after one more post ;)

Posted by Nathan @ 9:14 PM


As long as you keep coming by my site, feel free to kick the rest of the habit at any time.

Commented by Blogger Vince, 9:34 PM  
You got it Vince :)

Naw, I don't plan on kicking the habit of blogging any time soon. I love it. But I am being healthier about it.

Commented by Blogger Nathan, 9:42 PM  
There are worse things to be addicted to, but I know what you mean.

Commented by Blogger purpletwinkie, 11:37 PM  
I think I'm at the height of blogging addiction right at this moment. I need help!! :)

Commented by Blogger Sunshine, 7:44 PM  
You'll pull through it Sunshine! Miss a few nights of sleep and you'll be glad to take a break from your computer.

The world of blogging is so fascinating, there is so much to read and learn about people. It's great

Commented by Blogger Nathan, 8:10 PM  
It's like you're on Big Brother without actually being on the show. :P

Commented by Blogger Sunshine, 8:29 PM  
Oh, Big I love thee.

Commented by Blogger Nathan, 9:15 PM  

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