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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Morning Routine

wakupI love it when I ask an open question on my blog, and other people respond to me on their blog. Seeing my name on their site is always flattering.

So I was wondering... what is your morning routine? How do you start your day? Are you high maintenance, low maintenance, etc...

Here is mine:

- Get out of bed after alarm has been going off for 30-50 minutes (I'm a heavy sleeper).

- Pet our cats, who are sleeping on the bed or near it.

- Take a shower, dry off, put on underwear

- Shave, and put contacts in

- Put on body lotion and anti-perspirant

- Go downstairs and eat Total cereal and drink water (boring, huh?)

- Go upstairs, put on my shirt, and then style my hair with glue

- Wash my face, brush my teeth, scrape my tongue (very important), and rinse with Listerine

- Put on my pants, socks, belt and shoes

- Grab my rosary, stomach medicine, wallet, and cell phone

- Kiss Rodney while he's sleeping

- Pack my lunch, give the cats their treats, and I'm out of the door

Whew. That made me tired just writing about it. I *am* high maintenance and it takes me an hour to get ready.

By the way, I purposely left out the obvious parts about using the bathroom.

Now...what do you do in the morning?

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do you REALLY want to know my routine?

Commented by Blogger purpletwinkie, 8:02 PM  
Of course, do tell :)

Commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:22 PM  

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