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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Are you color blind?

colorblindToday my friends Jackson and Cory were taking a color blind test online, and I joined in as well. There are different levels of being color blind.

Actually a lot of men have some sort of color blindness. Some hues affect 1 out of 12 men. Interesting huh? You might not even know it.

Here's a quick online test for color blindness. Each one is a little more difficult, so you might have to stare for a bit:

Click here to take the color blind test.

Posted by Nathan @ 2:18 PM


That's a shocker, dude :P

Thank god Sam's a horror movie fanatic and I'm completely desensitised.

Commented by Blogger Sunshine, 3:59 PM  
*tee hee*

Commented by Blogger Nathan, 4:24 PM  
that scared the shit out of me!

Commented by Blogger purpletwinkie, 8:00 PM  

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